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Do you remember your first experience at a museum or a historic house - that magical moment when you stepped back into history and experienced a sense of wonderment – a sense of place?

At the Museum of Old Newbury, we invite you into our home to share the stories of the people who shaped our communities, walked our streets, built houses, churches, public buildings, and created the fabric of the place we now call home.

We believe that through our work we can positively influence our communities by engendering an appreciation of what came before and creating a strong foundation for the future. The Museum of Old Newbury is a vital part of Old Newbury’s culture. It holds special treasures you won’t find anywhere else.

A gift to the museum’s 2018-2019 annual fund will help us:

  • to engage local students in place-based education

  • to create new exhibitions about all aspects of community life

  • to offer programs, workshops and demonstrations

  • to preserve our historic landmark buildings

  • to care for our collections through conservation efforts, and

  • to maintain a center for research. 

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